Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Shocking Web Development Company Revelation About Bots

Around 61 percent of most visits are coming from bots - not from human site visitors. Study shows that site visitors only constitute about 38 percent of website traffic. This was based from a conducted research (1.4 billion visits to 20,000 sites) over a 3-month period from Incapsula, a security platform and a web development solutions provider.

This is where the search engine crawlers come in. Google in particular sorts out most of their bot visits together with the traffic originating from their web crawlers. Using this method, your content analytics reports are only going to show you the instances when humans paid a visit to your pages and did actually read through your content.

Crawlers are responsible for the 60 percent visits to brand pages.If this data was merged in along with the bot visits’ data, it’s going to be substantially tougher to acquire a precise analysis about the number of web surfers visiting your website, where they’re coming from and what they’re interested about the moment they click your site.

Nonetheless, this suggests that each time we review our analytics reports; we can only see a small division of the search traffic pie. There's something big that's taking place here. We must think outside the box to generate better internet marketing and/or better web development services. Spiders might visit your pages more than human visitors, but that’s the very reason why we really need a good marketing strategy to figure out how frequent content is indexed.

This is something we must always bear in mind each and every time we’re reviewing various types of metrics in our reports. They are all elements of a bigger picture that we don't have the capacity to detect or comprehend simply by separating variables one by one. A good website design service demands that we should incorporate all factors affecting the World Wide Web regardless of how small it is.