Thursday, January 16, 2014

E-mail– Still One Of The Best Search Engine Marketing Tools

Email is regarded as one of the oldest yet still the best business tool utilized online that’s still in existence. With the uncertainty of the future, businesses find themselves in need of marketing collateral and other strategies to keep up with the times. E-mail is highly used by most businesses for a secure, fast and easy transactions as well as products and services promotions. Due to its efficiency even up to this day, email marketing deserves consideration -to still be a part of your campaign strategy.
Keep It Brief
When a user sees a long email, they’ll ignore it. People don’t have much time or patience to read long emails. Unlike the lengthy content required for effective Search Engine Optimization, your email should be simple, conveying only the most important message you want to deliver.
Include Links
Your email is a perfect aid for search engine marketing since one of its purposes is to redirect your clients to your website’s product page. It wouldn’t hurt if you add the link of the page of your website for them to visit.
Adhere to Spam Tips
Last thing you want is your email labeled as Spam. Google for instance detects if an email received is coming from an address that sends out multiple emails. Google will automatically send it to the Spam folder making your efforts go to waste. At times, it’s your future client who does this manually due to their irritation caused by your relentless sending of emails. Avoid sending too much e-mail.
Clean your E-mail List Regularly
Make a list of your clients’ and future customers’ email addresses. You can do this by asking your clients to sign up to your email thru the home page of your web site.
Businesses and organizations find email marketing very beneficial. Its factors such as fast response time, globalization, cost-effectiveness and a more personalized medium, make emails the best SEO marketing and transaction tool for businesses.