Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What Hosting and Maintenance Can Offer for Your Blog

Every time individuals create a blog, they typically don't think things through beforehand. Or rather, they end up constricting themselves. They would purchase a domain and let it stay as it is; bloggers in particular. They don’t realize the value of such services. That's the reason why you need to purchase website hosting and maintenance from reliable service providers. Below is a brief explanation of how important it is:
Why we need it?
Web-hosting keeps your website data stored on an independent and dedicated web server. It is somewhat different from domain hosting. Domain hosting in short, describes buying a custom web address (your very own personal URL) for your blog. Though it’s true that Google offers BlogSpot users free web-hosting services, their hosting services are limited. The following features (even if you buy a custom domain from your favorite service provider) for your account consists of:

Unable to create:
Sub-domains (subdomain.domain.com)
A forum
Limited features such as:
Minimum custom email addresses
Only 1GB memory allotted
Unable to:
Host scripts to a website, we recommend you seek a third-party host
Upload a variety of files
Each page can only hold 1 MB
These variables differentiate a blogger from a webmaster. Beginners simply don't understand their worth. They are unwilling to invest on a good hosting services coming from reliable web developing companies. Below are the benefits of a good hosting service if you wish to expand your blog’s range:
Additional custom pages
Tools and apps availability
Custom scripts availability
It's considerably better to spend your time and money to web development services provided by established SEO firms. Why? You can hit multiple birds using just one stone. Their low cost web design service together with social media marketing and SEO techniques will definitely generate traffic and improve your blog’s visibility.