Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Should You Create a Sitemap? Definitely!

Sitemaps may seem to be a redundant process as perceived by some website developers. This may be true if the sitemap is just constructed for the sake of just having one. The reason for this is that a well-done sitemap can be used in order for both designers and developers to plan together, functioning as an effective centralized planning tool for the sake of organizing the website content and at the same time remove all the unnecessary pages and design elements. So summing up its use, sitemaps serve as outlines or flowcharts for the needed content. The good thing about it is that it could be made by anyone, whether they’re skilled in designing or not.

They’re important to websites because they could be used to give a clear view of the website’s goals. Lacking a goal or purpose makes websites harder to navigate, which means a poor experience for the user. Lots of times a visitor could be left wondering about their purpose of being in the site. This isn’t supposed to be the case because websites should at least be able to provide understanding as to how users should interact with them. Having a sitemap serves as an insurance that every website aspect—from web graphic design to content—is geared in reinforcing its intended goals.
Lastly, sitemaps could be used in order to make the design elements and the underlying algorithm work consistently. Websites are not built by a single person—they’re built by a team of people. As such, sitemaps should always be accessible regardless of format, in order to cater to everyone involved in the project at a centralized location where any change can be viewed instantly. With that, sitemaps could play a role as centralized clearing houses in order to track its progress.

So without a sitemap, people on web design jobs, as well as those in web development are more likely to incur wasted time in creating unnecessary pages or having them designed in a much more complicated manner than what’s needed. If the addition of necessary elements and the removal of the unnecessary ones are done in the project’s early stages, it will consume lesser resources. In order to have that goal achieved, a sitemap is needed.