Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some Reminders for SEO Experts after Hummingbird

Dynamic, constantly changing, online search engine optimization has been going around, adjusting itself to suit the updates in search engines, most especially Google, and general advancements in the internet per se. The combination of these two are very important, since it affects how SEO experts tailor their efforts to find desirable content, and add the fact that the use of Google for searching is ubiquitous, like adding the icing on top of the cake. So it’s very natural for some to be scared of any update it does, mainly because of the uncertainty it entails. So in order to eliminate that fear, knowledge of how the change works and expectation of what it will bring to the SEO industry could very well spell how websites could fare with these revisions.
People from the SEO marketing industry have been cowering in fear that SEO is dying after Google Hummingbird was released. But Google has a different say on this, because the primary reason why they placed Hummingbird was to promote originality and authority of online contents, which users highly desire. So in actuality, SEO is evolving instead, giving out even more rewards for websites with relevant and authoritative content and at the same time mete out heavy punishment to those who play the system with link mining, keyword stuffing and other dubious SEO methods.

With that said, what you should do to improve your website’s ranking is to research for a wide variety of keywords, then narrow these down to the most important ones, making sure that the website’s content is identified along the lines of its use and the company’s expertise. Additionally, combining traditional keywords and long-tail keywords could play a good role in helping SEO methods because it includes both general and targeted audiences in one roof.

In conclusion, if the search engine marketing campaign your website implements is centered on white hat SEO tactics, you shouldn’t be afraid of embracing the changes brought about by Hummingbird because it is highly unlikely that your website will suffer from traffic loss. But keep in mind that the science behind search engines (not just Google) has evolved drastically, which every good SEO expert should adapt to. Playing the system isn’t the way of getting to the top—original and authoritative content is.