Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Instagram Deserves To Become Part Of Your Best SEO Strategy?

Your best seo strategy or marketing scheme will be inefficient if you do not take into account social media signals from different platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, and many more. Capitalizing these social media networks has been tried and tested to not only facilitate the site’s development of search engine rankings, but also to amplify the reach of your brand at the social level. Nevertheless, if your SEO and marketing plans still don’t embrace Instagram, it is never too late to give it a shot. Besides, creating an account is easy and free.

Reasons Why Instagram is Worth the Shot

Instagram, as a popular video and photo-sharing social media platform, has actually managed to accumulate approximately 150 million users throughout the planet in just 36 months since its inception. In fact last year (2013), Instagram grew by about 23%. Actually, this is a great development considering that it is still a young application. Furthermore, there are already 16 billion images that have been shared within the boundaries of this platform. The point is, Instagram is composed of a very large network of potential customers. Thus, if you really desire to reach your target audience more effectively, you should not neglect this dandy opportunity that Instagram has to offer.

Even so, having an Instagram account for your enterprise is not mainly about liking other’s photos and following others. Rather, your focus should be converting your existing and prospective customers into followers. In this manner, you will make the most of Instagram as part of your search engine marketing campaign. While earning followers is a painstaking task, here are some of the unfailing ways of broadening your follower database in Instagram:

1.    Post images or videos only at the most opportune time. 

2.    Share images or videos that your followers could connect or relate to.

3.    Maximize the hashtag feature by using relevant and popular hashtags.

4.    Interact with your followers by answering their questions, hosting mini-contests, and asking questions in image description to ignite social conversations.

5.    Post frequently, but not too much.

In times when you ran out of thoughts on what photos or videos to post, you can always obtain inspirations from your own web design or custom graphic designs. In this way, your customers would recognize that you are using a consistent subject or theme across different platforms. As more people follow you in Instagram, the higher your prospects are in airting them to your main website. Needless to say, this is organic and referral traffic combined in one.