Friday, April 11, 2014

Best Practices for Mobile Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Today, consumers increasingly depend on their tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices to obtain information that help them come up with a purchasing decision. This entails that if your present search engine optimization and marketing campaigns are still geared toward laptop and desktop users, your enterprise is emphatically missing something big through mobile marketing. Consequently, provided below are some practices to help you achieve a flourishing mobile marketing campaign.

1.    Responsive Web Design – If you really wish to provide the best user experience especially for your mobile users, toss away all design features and elements that could slow down your website’s loading time in mobile devices. Discard all unnecessary features such as large images, fancy fonts, and flash animations. By doing so, your website’s navigation will be speedier, easier, and coherent to mobile users. Additionally, visitors nowadays prefer sites that sport a responsive design because it automatically adjusts the content irrespective of their device’s screen resolution.

2.    Concise and Meaty Content – Create content that is meaty, succinct, and on-point. Your content should be able to provide users with their hoped information without scrolling down your site too much. Make certain that your visitors could access and read your content comfortably in a small screen. If your business operates locally such as a restaurant, theater, or coffee shop, one of the best search engine optimization tactics you could employ for mobile is to make your physical address and information highly visible in your home page.   

3.    Single URL for Native and Mobile Websites – For certain, you don’t want your visitors to wait until they are rechanneled to your mobile website because it is time-consuming and they might just close your site at once. For this reason, you should have a single URL for both your native and mobile sites. Having a single URL is also advantageous for your search engine optimization campaign since all links will point to a single website only.

4.    Keywords Suitable for Mobile Searches – Mobile users tend to use different or fewer key terms when they search. Therefore, it is ideal to conduct a separate keyword research in order to integrate shorter and more relevant keywords for your mobile marketing campaign.   


In addition to the above-named practices, make certain that all your social media buttons are working and could smoothly redirect your visitors to your social media pages. If incorporating all these practices into your mobile marketing strategy seems unmanageable to you, hiring professional search engine optimization companies is indeed a wise decision to make.