Monday, April 7, 2014

Three Tips on Having Effective International SEO

Making your website rank well across multiple countries is definitely a conscientious task even for seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners around the world. In fact, there are no sufficient facts that could support the numerous opinions and ideas regarding international SEO, leaving seo specialists perplexed and frustrated. Because of these reasons, maybe now is the right time to organize some of the unfailing practices with regard to international seo. Three of these practices are listed below, along with brief details about their nature, and how they really work.

1.    Localize your content – The initial step, yet the most important one, to having a sound international seo progress is to provide product or service information using your target country’s local language. Localizing your content will surely increase your chance of engaging with your target clientele. In addition, it is strongly recommended to conduct keyword research for each country and then use the popular words in that country. Furthermore, using local currency, local address, and contact information would also help provide signals to recognize target countries.

2.    Utilize local domain – In general, each country has a specific country code top level domains or ccTLDs. Recently, they have been used under generic domain such as “.tv”. One of the advantages of utilizing ccTLDS is that you can directly set the geo location for your site. Accordingly, search engines like Google automatically interpret it in the way that all content under a particular ccTLD such as “” is set for a specific country. However, this understanding of search engines prohibits your site to add content that is targeted for visitors from other countries.

3.    Build links from local sitesSearch engine optimization experts also recommend acquiring links from trusted local websites. This practice can yield more effective results if the authoritative local websites is related to your business nature. Under normal conditions, your main website obtains more inbound links from your home country compared to your global sites that target multiple countries. Additionally, your competitor local site may have more inbound links coming from other local sites than your site too. Therefore, creating a local linking network is really essential in order for your every international site to have quality links.


Even though there are dozens of seo practices that actually work to enhance the page ranking of international websites, the above-named practices can give the most conspicuous outcomes. Talk over about these practices with your search engine optimization company if you desire your international websites to rank well in your target countries.