Sunday, May 4, 2014

Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy: Stay Clear From these Spammy SEO Tactics

The SEO environment has changed and evolved over the past years and the tactics that are effective before might be the very reasons why your website gets penalized today. What’s worse is that some self-proclaimed yet inexperienced “SEO specialists” continue to perform these damaging schemes for their clients. Whether you are optimizing on your own or hiring the best seo company out there, you need to be aware of these potentially damaging SEO tactics that should be avoided immediately.

1.    Thousands of Spammy Links – Gone are the days when websites that have produced thousands of links, regardless of their quality, can secure a good ranking in search engine result pages. However today, a lot of websites and seo companies still sell mass link packages containing massive amount of links for a very affordable price. While links are still the “holy grail” in SEO today, this does not mean that your website should have voluminous amounts of spammy links, because doing so would get you penalized immediately.

Rather, create links that are highly-relevant and natural. In the SEO environment today, it is essential to center your link building campaign on quality links that come from authoritative and relevant domains. In fact, a handful of quality links are more valuable than thousands of spammy links.    

2.    Spammy Guest Blogging – At the start of this year, Matt Cutts, the head of Google Webspam team, declared that content marketers should stop doing guest blogging. However, most people misconstrued it and thought that guest blogging as a whole is dead, but actually, Matt Cutts was pertaining to spammy guest blogging. As a matter of fact, genuine guest blogging can still be part of your best search engine marketing and optimization strategy. Just make sure that you only guest post on authoritative and highly-relevant blogs, and those that don’t accept multiple guest blogging from a single source simultaneously.

3.    Keyword-stuffed Content – Together with mass links, this was also one of the SEO tricks that are working before but are flagged as damaging today. For this reason, content marketers should ensure that their keywords are natural and relevant to the whole content. Moreover, they should also focus on producing content that visitors would consider helpful and worthy of reading.


If you are looking for a seo company that will manage your online marketing campaign, make certain that they are not executing any of these spammy maneuvers because they will only get your website down and penalized.