Sunday, May 18, 2014

Symbolism in Web Design

Indeed, symbols have the ability to express more words than mere texts. That’s why it often leave a more powerful effect on the reader’s mind and perception. This was the very reason why symbols became an essential element in web design. Symbols are expedient to both designers and users because they can immediately communicate through them.

Nevertheless, it is virtually impossible to portray all symbols today in the internet. For this reason, designers focus on creating icons. Furthermore, icons are also utilized by developers to operate computer applications. For example, they don’t have to type in “run my program” to open the application; instead, they just have to click its icon. Apparently, this is also the rational motive why icons (signs and symbols) are widely employed today.

Moreover, icons can be time-saving because their designs are becoming more visceral. Because of this, we can easily grasp the meaning behind such visual representation. Needless to say, all things that can enhance the browsing and navigating experience of users are majorly appreciated by designers. In such a way, utilizing effective symbols can also boost an enterprise’s brand development program.

Icons also avoid the web design to look cluttered. Even though they’re fairly small, they can be a nifty alternative for large chunks of texts. Subsequently, this would make the overall design cleaner, more coherent, and easier to understand. With this function, icons can simultaneously act as a designer’s tool to communicate and the users’ means to engage with the application.
Of course, the website design environment continues to advance and some stuff go out of trend while new things come into the scene. This same progress happens to icons. They don’t stay as simply icons because similar to any other design elements, they fuse with others to yield a visually-appealing layout.


Symbols and signs are a vital element of communication. For the last two decades, these symbols have moved into the virtual environment in the form of icons. These icons can actually convey a variety of meaning without consuming too much space in the website design. So the next time you sit in with a firm that provides expert yet affordable website design services, make certain to discuss the above-mentioned matters with them.