Thursday, May 15, 2014

Web Design and the Essence of Symbolism

Symbols tell more words than plain text, and often create a powerful effect on the reader’s perception. That’s why they’re commonly used in web design. In fact, it is impossible to find a website today that has no symbol on it. Symbols are beneficial to both designers and readers because through them, they can instantly communicate without any text or without consuming large spaces.

However with the existence of countless symbols today, it is impossible to describe or portray all of them when visiting a website. That’s why designers focus on creating icons because they are already used in web designing. Moreover, icons are also used by developers to run computer programs. For instance, you don’t have to type in “open my program” just to run the application; rather, you just have to click its icon. Evidently, this is also the reason why icons (symbols and signs) are globally used today.

In addition, icons can save time because their designs continue to become more intuitive. For this reason, we can understand the meaning behind such visual representation easier and faster than mere words. Needless to say, all things that improve user experience are extremely appreciated by web designers and developers. In such a way, using effective symbols can boost a business’ brand development campaign.

Icons also help the website design from not appearing too cluttered. Although they are relatively small, they are a great substitute for a large chunk of texts, making the overall design look neater, and easier to understand. Given this function, icons can simultaneously serve as a designer’s tool to express and the users’ means to interact with the application.

Naturally, the web design industry continues to progress and some things go out of vogue while new tricks enter the scene. This same evolution occurs to icons. They cannot stay as mere icons, and like other user interface elements, should blend with each other to create a modern and appealing layout.

Final Thoughts

Signs and symbols are an essential element of communication. Over the years, these symbols have entered the virtual world in the form of icons. These icons can represent a multitude of meaning given the small space they consume in the overall website design. So the next time you consult a firm that provides professional yet affordable website design services, make sure to discuss these matters with them.