Sunday, June 29, 2014

5 Best Search Engine Optimization Practices for Video Optimization

Integrating videos into online marketing strategies is becoming a norm in the contemporary search engine optimization (SEO) environment. As a matter of fact, even the best seo company strongly suggests video optimization for it normally adds more value to your content compared to the traditional text-heavy write-ups. In this manner, you can give your readers with more engaging and interesting content, and in return, they would voluntarily share it making your content to be viral across the internet.

However, vide SEO is somehow a new field to explore so you definitely need to consider a few things. Nonetheless, provided below are some proven practices to enhance your video SEO:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

4 Problems in Web and Graphic Design Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Responsive web and graphic design is not only about eye-catching templates and enthralling layouts, but more importantly, it is mainly about providing your visitors with a coherent user experience no matter what their devices are- be it a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. Needless to say, creating individual experiences for each is a massive waste of valuable resources. Hence, the most cost-efficient scenario for you is to focus on creative adaptive experiences that automatically scale with the user.

Provided below are some mistakes you cannot afford to make in order to reach your business goals safely and effectively.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Advanced Web Development Tips to Facilitate Brand Engagement

As the web environment progresses, so does the ways of establishing a brand. Consequently, both the web development tactics and web design trends are going through the middle of major transformation. Undoubtedly, this era of advancement is heavily influenced by the consumer’s obsession in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With the ever-expanding variety of device types along with their operating systems, web teams are somehow forced to adapt the most recent user interface (UI), visual aesthetics, and content features.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Social Media Networking: Maximizing Pinterest, SEO-wise

With the growing popularity of various social media networking websites, business enterprises are starting to draw advantages from them to increase their web visibility. Aside from the social media giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, Pinterest is also earning equal reputation among marketers because of its capacity to rev up traffic and extend brand’s each. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this, you need to boost your presence in search result pages first.

Provided below are some ways how to make the most of Pinterest with regards to SEO:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

4 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Web Graphic Design

In today’s web standards, a website design is not bounded on the visual aspect, but more on the site’s usability and function. If the web graphic design can draw in visitors but couldn’t make them stay, then it fails to accomplish its primary function in some manner. In order to avoid committing the same mistakes, you should be aware of them. For this reason, here are some of the unforgivable mistakes you should avoid when designing a website:

1.    Sabotaging the Back Button – Some developers back then have discovered a way to alter the normal function of a browser’s back button and utilize it for their advantage. Once the visitors click the button, they were redirected to another website. Today, most browsers deactivate this button to block the action or just opens the site into another window to cover the existing page. Nonetheless, do not waste your time performing this tactic because it will only give your visitors a negative user experience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News: Mobile Now Dominates Consumer Purchase Process

According to the recent 3rd Annual U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, mobile now dominates the customer buying decision processes. What’s intriguing in their findings is that nearly 66% of mobile-driven transactions take place offline. Nevertheless, this data is of critical importance among search engine optimization and marketing professionals across the globe.

In essence, the study discovered that mobile is incessantly taking over the desktop as a tool to search for products, services, or location spits. Nowadays, people are spending ample amount of time on the tablets or smartphones, accounting to a whopping 64% of total time spent online. As point of fact, approximately 40% of mobile consumers see mobile as the most convenient tool for arriving at a purchasing decision. Nonetheless, offline activities remain to play a huge role because about 5 out of 10 consumers still visit physical stores, with 6$ of them complete their transactions offline.

Although the impact of this increased mobile utilization is highly noticeable, one must not think of it as limited to on-device activities only. As more and more people want to make a purchasing decision quicker and more locally, mobile also serves as an important tool for driving in-store activities.

With almost 66% of mobile consumers typically end up buying a product or availing a service, a search engine marketing solution that is geared towards this audience is highly necessary. Furthermore, most mobile activities take place at the beginning of purchase cycle. Even though only 20% of mobile users posited that they specifically knew what they are looking for, 65% of them completed their purchases within the day. The results are much favorable to entertainment companies and restaurants since the research-to-purchase cycle is prompter at 64% and 51% respectively. What’s more is that, these consumers completed their business transaction within an hour.

Final Thoughts

Aside from increase mobile device utilization and more immediate research-to-purchase cycle, the study also discovered that 50% of mobile consumers always look for the store’s proximity. As a matter of fact, the location lookups, together with the price, still carry the most weight in all purchase-related activities.

With the given findings, you surely can’t afford not to have search engine marketing services that are focused on catering the needs of the ever-expanding mobile customers.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Post-Panda 4.0: Tips from Search Engine Optimization Specialists

In the wake of Panda 4.0, Google’s latest algorithm update, dozens of search engine optimization specialists have promptly analyzed their client websites to find out whether their efforts still yield the best results. If you are still clueless about these changes, here are some unfailing ways to ensure that your precious site remains competitive in the middle of online content deluge.

Go Back to Basics

In general, ranking in Google is not totally different as it was a decade ago. Relevant, informative, and unique content is still the “Holy Grail” in the SEO game. Even though having a well-written content is definitely a good starting point, it is essential to continue generating top-drawer content in the long run. Keep in mind that SEO is like a marathon, not a sprint. This implies that those who are persistent and determined to continue what they have initiated since the beginning are those who usually bring home the bacon.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Best SEO Strategy to Combat Scraper Websites

Without a doubt, unique content is what helps websites climb all the way to search result’s top spot. Consequently, most online search engine optimization efforts are centered on creating and perfecting quality content hoping that Google would look favorably on their sites.

Unfortunately, some unprincipled websites abuse this as they steal existing content verbatim, and pass it on claiming that it is their own content. These spammy websites are called “scraper websites” and they are definitely a nuisance in this industry for two reasons. Firstly, they only devalue the original content they’ve stolen, and secondly, they greatly affect the page ranking of the site where the content is published originally.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Achieving Brand Developing Success with a Small Budget

Starting a business enterprise is definitely a rewarding task to make. However in the real world, making it to survive within the ever-competitive market can be very challenging. Thankfully, with the internet revolution, business owners can launch a brand development campaign without standing for long hours in the street just to distribute flyers or spend a thousand of dollars in different marketing materials.  

Today, having a website for your business is as critical as your business operation because it has the capacity to amplify your brand’s reach both locally and internationally. The only thing you need is to develop a firm search engine optimization strategy to keep your business website on top of search engine result pages.

Below are some helpful tips on how to start the SEO ball running even with a tight budget.

1.    Focus on On-page Optimization – Dozens of startup business are actually ignoring this very important SEO practice. Definitely, you don’t want to be like them because missing out on-page optimization is like joining a running contest with just a single leg. Even though you will reach the finish line, all your competitors would get there first. Speaking of running contests, on-page optimization is like a marathon, not a sprint. Unlike hiring an affordable website design services where you can see the results immediately, on-page seo would take several months to fully reap its benefits.

2.    Have a Solid Social Media Presence – If you really desire to leave a remarkable digital footprint for your business, start by creating a firm social media presence. Attract as many social media signals like sharing, tweeting, liking, mention, etc. What’s more riveting is that, reaching out to your customers through social media channels doesn’t necessitate a big investment. All you need to have is a well-coordinated schedule to accommodate all your followers in various social media platforms.

3.    Create a Blog – Another essential SEO practice that does not require big budget is blog. Create a blog and post content that is unique, relevant, and informative to your target customers. Eventually, your content will help your website gain more quality traffic, which you can convert into sales subsequently.

As soon as you noticed business growth using the above-mentioned practices, keep on pushing forward. Do not make your business stagnant. As your business flourishes, so do your ways in developing your brand. As much as possible, intensify your efforts to reach your target customers, hire call center services to accommodate the needs of your clients, and amplify the scope of your marketing collateral.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Payday Loan 2.0 and Panda 4.0: What SEO Experts Have to Say

Google has confirmed that they have released two algorithm updates last May 21 in the forms of Payday Loan Algorithm 2.0 and Panda 4.0. Similar to what happened in previous updates, these two updates have induced dozens of surmisals and assumptions among online marketers and seo marketers because most of them noticed a movement in search engine result pages for their client websites.

Payday Loan 2.0

Contrary to some opinions that are circulating today, this algorithm update is unrelated to the previous Penguin or Panda updates because it is geared mainly to combat “very spammy queries”. In fact, Google even posited that Payday Loan will be the next generation of algorithm that is focused on spammy searches. The first launch of Payday Loan last June 2013 has affected approximately 0.3% of English queries. The recent update, however, only affects about 0.2% of English queries. Nevertheless, Google assures that this update is an international roll out so it will strike different languages in different degrees of course.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ranking Factors: Desktop SEO vs. Mobile SEO

With the advent and continuous revolution of the mobile device market, it has been a hot topic within the search engine optimization (SEO) industry whether mobile SEO is taking place the mainstream desktop SEO. In relation to this, some SEO practitioners and marketers are also puzzled whether the content for mobile websites should be different from the usual content of desktop sites. Nonetheless, the bottom line is whether the ranking factors between these two are different.

Undoubtedly, the usage of mobile devices to access the internet is increasing. However, firms that are actively working on ranking factor analysis believe that there are actual differences between desktop and mobile SEO with regards to ranking factors. They firmly believe that major search engines regard mobile and desktop differently when it comes to search result presentations. Even so, it is too early to conclude the exact factors that determine rankings on mobile.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to Get Your Business on the Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization Map

In general, the more seeable and highly ranked a site is on search result pages, the more search engine users it will obtain. Because of this, the common approach of a search engine optimization company is based on two principles. The first is to organically increase the number of inbound links from authoritative sites. The second principle is to make the website’s key pages readable by search engines by applying consistent on-page optimization practices.

Set a Digital Strategy

Before embarking on any SEO campaign, businesses should set a firm digital strategy first. Determine the things you are ready to offer in the market, why it is unique, and why people would purchase/avail it.