Thursday, June 19, 2014

4 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Web Graphic Design

In today’s web standards, a website design is not bounded on the visual aspect, but more on the site’s usability and function. If the web graphic design can draw in visitors but couldn’t make them stay, then it fails to accomplish its primary function in some manner. In order to avoid committing the same mistakes, you should be aware of them. For this reason, here are some of the unforgivable mistakes you should avoid when designing a website:

1.    Sabotaging the Back Button – Some developers back then have discovered a way to alter the normal function of a browser’s back button and utilize it for their advantage. Once the visitors click the button, they were redirected to another website. Today, most browsers deactivate this button to block the action or just opens the site into another window to cover the existing page. Nonetheless, do not waste your time performing this tactic because it will only give your visitors a negative user experience.

2.    Failure to Place Pertinent Contact Information – Some business websites today still forgot to place important contact information such as office location, mailing address, and phone numbers on their websites. Failure to place this information is a huge mistake because you are not only blocking all communication means with your clients, but you are also sending a message that your business is not legitimate or serious.

3.    Broken Page or Links – Even though this task is not part of the typical job of a website design firm, you must make sure that all your links and pages are functioning properly. Do not wait for your visitors to find out for themselves that you have broken links or pages with errors. As much as possible, run a test every week to see if your website runs and operates smoothly.

4.    Poor Navigation – Another big mistake in web designing and developing is to keep your visitors clueless on where they are while navigating your site. If they do not know what to do, then they are likely to close your site and visit another. In order to avoid this from happening, it is highly advisable to include a navigation panel so that your visitors can check out the pages they want to visit.

Your website should not only look lovely, but more importantly, should also be able to do its core purpose- to turn visitors into actual customers. If you are thinking to hire website design service, make certain to talk about the above-named errors so your website will not go through any user experience-related problems as soon as it is live.