Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Do Website Development the Right Way

Typically, website design is the first thing that visitors notice upon visiting. Because website owners definitely want their websites to leave a good first impression, they want to make certain that their designers as well as website developers are performing their roles so that visitors won’t leave upon landing on your site. Consequently, this blog post shares some tips and guidelines on doing web development the right way.

Operating System and Browser Compatible
One of the important things to consider when designing and developing a site is to make sure that it is compatible in every major operating system and web browser. What you see in your end may not always be the same as what other people see on their computers/mobile devices. So in order to avoid any viewing issues, make sure to double check OS and browser compatibility.

Don’t Utilize Frames
While frames are expedient in keeping your web design beautiful, they will impact your SEO negatively. This is because search engine spiders couldn’t index any content enclosed within frames. If they cannot crawl your content, especially if it’s a key information, then your seo campaign is on a downward spiral. Eventually, this will also prevent your visitors from finding your website especially if they are using search engines.

Make Newsletters Available
Another essential thing in website development is to allow your users sign up for your newsletter and other marketing collateral. Providing them with newsletters regularly will surely increase customer retention and loyalty. Just make certain to deliver these marketing collateral to people who only called for it. In this manner, your newsletter emails will not appear as spams.

Combine Visual Elements
Your website should not look like a site from the 90s, so don’t bombard your visitors with heavy text-based content. To a feasible extent, combine your texts with photos or videos to make your site more visually-attracting and engaging to people. Furthermore, visual elements will make your web pages more “sticky”, therefore lowering your bounce rate.

Undoubtedly, website design plays a crucial role in your site’s first impression. This element alone can determine whether people would stay or leave your domain. Apart from the above-named tips, make certain to also pick out a fast, secured, and dependable website hosting provider so your website can utterly provide the best user experience.