Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Update Your SEO Strategy in 4 Easy Steps!

Since 2006, search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. For this reason, some seo specialists also shift its definition to “integrated marketing” or “search marketing”. Nevertheless, these buzzwords are not the only thing that’s changing because marketers and SEO practitioners also need to update and progress their schemes and strategies in order to remain effective and competitive.

Consequently, here are some tips on how you can keep your search skills in accordance with contemporary SEO:

#1: Practice an Integrated Approach
Back then, strategies for SEO used to be separate from other content marketing strategies, and until today, some people still view SEO as totally separate entity from other marketing efforts. Nonetheless, in order to have maintainable outcomes, you should make having an integrated approach a habit. This means that all your marketing efforts should address search marketing in its entirety. Think of everything about research from what your target audience is looking for, to the things that might stimulate their interests. You should apply this information to your press releases, articles, and social media content.

#2: Tweak Your Text URL Selection
As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, so as their understanding of synonym usage particularly in keyword insertion. For example, for a high-volume keyword like “inventory management”, Google now considers synonyms like “inventory software”, “management of inventory”, or “inventory control”. Therefore, the best seo strategy for this is to utilize synonyms instead of forcing yourself in inserting exact keyword matches for your text URL.

#3: Make Use Available Tools and Means
You shouldn’t stop at generating quality content. You need to distribute and promote it. Hence, you should capitalize available means and tools such as various social media channels. Most social media platforms are valuable in creating awareness about your content so make certain to not miss these channels for content distribution.

#4: Never Skip Out Technical Details
Google becomes more intuitive. Therefore, your knowledge about technical details should also be evolving. Do not ignore them because they are crucial in amplifying your desired SEO results. Some of these technical factors include having a website with fast loading time, writing web-friendly headlines, as well as inserting keywords in your URL.

When choosing the most suitable seo solutions for your strategy, keep these four tips in mind as they will surely lead you to on the right track.