Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creating a Content Strategy According to Professional Search Engine Optimization Companies

We all know today that it is nearly impossible to be successful in search engine optimization (SEO) without having very good content. After the recent algorithm updates and other related initiatives from Google have toned down some of the known SEO schemes and tricks, heaps of search engine optimization companies were compelled to review the strategies they were utilizing, as well as the campaigns they were working.
Achieving good rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) became more elaborate than publishing web pages with target keywords and dozens of backlinks. Because of this reason, this blog post shares the best strategy in today’s SEO environment- content strategy.

Determine the Basis of Your Strategy: Keywords vs. Intent
Just like in the real world, the behavior of internet behavior is chiefly driven by needs and wants of people. Although keywords are essential for telling search engines what your content is about, intent also plays a critical role especially if you are attempting to develop interesting, linkable, and shareable content assets for your main website.
Hence, try to develop a content strategy that is centered on audience intent.

Understand Your Brand Identity
It is important for every search engine optimization company to recognize and comprehend the brand identity of their clients because the content should be molded using this identity. So in order to reduce substantial amount of precious time, business website owners must key out important brand identity areas such as revenue model, value proposition, target audience, as well as personality.

Discover the Pleasure and Pain Points of Your Audience
In order to create a truly relevant and tailored content, you must identify all the people enclosed within your “audience”. As much as possible, create a profile for them so you can know who the right people are to target. Moreover, remember that effective content marketing is also about two matters- to increase pleasure and to remove pains of your customers. In this sense, pleasure comes from the fulfillment of wants, while pains originate from unfulfilled needs.

Additional Tips

Aside from the information mentioned above, search engine optimization experts also recommend planning the user experience ahead, mapping all the topics to be covered, and using Analytics to tweak the content marketing campaign once in a while.