Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

For the past years, search engine optimization companies in Boston, Massachusetts have seen content marketing as an essential part of their SEO and brand development schemes. Unfortunately, some content marketers have developed a habit of doing wrong practices. Needless to say, these mistakes when accumulated, can result to detrimental consequences which can then lead to a failed campaign.

To help your business be on the right track, here are three content marketing mistakes you must not commit:

#1: Broadcasting Self-centered Messages
It is completely alright for enterprise owners to feel proud about their business, especially if it is successful. However, with the existence of different social media platforms and content management systems, some business owners take advantage of these to post self-centered messages. Always remember that the social media is the best avenue to discuss interesting topics and share relevant ideas; not for pushing your customers to purchase your products or avail your services.

Boston search engine optimization marketing experts suggest following the 80-20 rule in broadcasting posts in blogs and social media. About 80% of your posts should be industry-related, and the remaining 20% should be your personal opinions.

Relying too Much on Social Automation
The online marketing environment really evolves rapidly. Because of this, your Facebook posts, tweets and blogs only hold their relevance for a brief period of time. Unless of course if all of these have meaty and interesting content, these could make some noise for several months. Consequently, a handful of businesses nowadays make use of applications that let them schedule their posts in order to remain coherent throughout the marketing plan.

However, the problem is that, these companies also depend on social automation too much. Needless to say, it is still better to keep your business updated with the latest happenings within your target market. In addition, solely depending on social automation will make your business miss out the most essential and fun part of content marketing – community engagement.

Not Adapting to Emerging Social Media Networks
There are new social media platforms that emerge from time to time, and there are brands that capitalize them immediately. The result? Superb marketing! Just take General Electric for instance when Vine came up. Therefore, do not be afraid to become more flexible in trying out new platforms because they might be your chance in gaining some traction online.

Remember to avoid these mistakes to ensure that you will not waste your marketing efforts but come up with the best SEO strategy in Boston.