Sunday, January 4, 2015

Web Design: Trends for Ecommerce Stores

This 2015, those web design jobs in Arlington, TX that are centered in the provision of mobile-friendly designs for ecommerce websites will not be a competitive advantage anymore. Instead, they will become a requirement in order to remain competitive in the online landscape. Apparently, this development in the web design industry also changes how business-to-business websites would be designed in the coming months.

Generally, mobile design is constantly becoming a crucial element because of its influence in the whole ecommerce design. Consequently, here are five of the web design trends that ecommerce websites must anticipate this year:

#1: Responsive Design for Very Large Screens
As mentioned previously, responsive designs have turned into a necessity for ecommerce stores. In fact, this “requirement” is being strengthened by the presence of smart gaming consoles, televisions, and other high-res devices that are being made internet-enabled devices. Because of this, responsive designs are more than needed to cater consumers who are using these devices in making a purchase.

#2: Hidden Menus
In the realm of mobile design, hiding some common and necessary web elements is continuously becoming a trend. Consequently, hidden menus or also known as “hamburger menus” because of the icon used, have gained so much popularity.

#3: Big and Flexible Typography
In web graphic design, specifically in the responsive design context, more than a handful of designers strongly believe that big and flexible typography will become more popular this 2015. Why? This is because of the reality that more and more customers nowadays are treating fonts as an element that increases the website’s provision of good user experience. Indeed, gone are the days of utilizing fonts for ornamental purposes only.

#4: Clear Photography
Although the response time of a website is becoming really critical in today’s web standards, some professional designers and developers still choose to have big and clear images. Their reason? Simply because there are enhanced design techniques and adaptive images that can help compensate for the slower response time due to large images. Without a doubt, these eye-catching images will not only pull more clients, but more importantly, to sell more services or products. For this reason, anticipate to see more ecommerce websites having large images in their home pages.

#5: Video Content
In selling an intricate product or service, a video containing all pertinent details will definitely go a long way for your clients. Hence, expect that a lot of ecommerce stores this year will utilize videos in their product pages, blogs, YouTube channel, or even as a backdrop in their home page.

If you desire your ecommerce website to have these five trends this 2015, do not hesitate to ask expert agencies that provide professional web design in Arlington, Texas