Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SEO Plan Doesn’t Deliver the Right Traffic: What to Do Next?

Business owners in Oregon who opt to do search engine marketing for their business websites will definitely think that it is mainly about securing a spot in search engine’s top pages. Nevertheless, securing a good position and visibility in search engines is only part of a much bigger deal. As a matter of fact, the best SEO strategy in Portland, OR also makes sure that all your SEO efforts are delivering the right traffic. Unfortunately, not all our plans and strategies work as they should when applied in the digital environment. So what will you do if your SEO strategy does not deliver the right result?

Of course, you should not leave all your efforts behind. Instead, try doing the following steps to get your feet back into the game:

#1: Strategy Re-evaluation
You should accept the fact that a lot of SEO strategies, regardless of how splendid they are in the planning phase, do not materialize as they should in the execution stage. Even though you are adopting the same strategies of a thriving website, this is not a guarantee that you will receive the same results. Hence, the best route you can take is to re-evaluate your current strategy to know exactly which aspect you fell short in.

#2: Redefine Your “Target Audience”
Most search engine marketing strategies fail because they did not define their target audience properly. Although identifying your target audience in Oregon can be done quite easily, always remember that your target audience is often subdivided into several groups of people. Therefore, if you truly desire your local SEO strategy in Portland to yield the right traffic and the highest level of client engagement, write a content that is tailored for each of your target people and not for the entire general audience.

#3: Remove Ineffective Keywords
In terms of writing and marketing content, user intent is definitely the “holy grail” of all aspects that need to be considered. Nonetheless, keywords still play a crucial role in the search engine’s end, because these provide information about your content’s nature and intent. Furthermore, using the right sets of keywords will also help you attract the right people. With that being said, make sure that your SEO strategy is utilizing the keywords that are effective and applicable for your market. Regularly regard the data in Analytics, and update your keyword lists when necessary.

In addition to these, make certain that your strategy also includes providing content that your target customers will care about. Your content should answer all their potential queries so that the likelihood of them doing business with your company will be high. If you need professional help in bringing back your feet into the game, you can always turn to expert companies that offer exceptional yet affordable search engine optimization in Portland, Oregon