Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Search Engine Marketing: Harmful Mindsets to Avoid

Similar to any part of the world, search engines marketing in Omaha, NE is an ever changing landscape.  Because of this, the best search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the one that adapts to these changes in the industry. Unfortunately, with the continuous flow of algorithm modifications and adjustments in strategies, incorrect notions and myths will always be present. While their existence is quite normal in any industry, they still pose a threat if the business website owner considers them as a factual information.

With the intention to help you, here are some of the “destructive” outlooks to avoid when drafting an SEO campaign:

#1: I Need to Rank #1 Consistently
Although there is nothing wrong with aiming and reaching the top spot of search engine results pages, you should be aware that rankings change every single day. Also, the #1 spot is sometimes not synonymous to more click rates and conversions. Most of the time, it depends on what you are offering, your website’s user interface, as well as quality of customer service you provide. If you are playing between the lowest on the first page and the top spot on the second page, the latter can actually be more ideal.

#2: I Should Focus on Social Media
Naturally, even the most experienced search engine optimization specialist in Omaha, Nebraska will agree that social media plays an important role in traffic acquisition, lead generation, and link earning. However, business owners should not focus on this area alone. In fact, succeeding in SEO requires doing a variety of practices in different key areas in a correct, moderate and continuous fashion.

#3: Video is the New Content
While it is true that videos are a good tool for presenting content, you should not embed too much video content in your key web pages. Why? This is mainly because it will hamper the loading response of your webpages which could result to having a poor user experience. A single highly-engaging video will suffice if you want variation with your content.

#4: My SEO Campaign will Thrive with Mere Linking
In the context of search engine optimization, links serve as a “vote of confidence,” so the more websites linking to your content and web pages, the more credible it looks in the eyes of search engines. However, too many links that are acquired instantaneously and unnaturally will look “spammy” and might get your website penalized. So, practice natural link earning and building rather than employing such shady schemes.

Executing hardcore and correct SEO is a time-consuming process. If you are serious in having the best search engine optimization strategy in Omaha, avoid the following incorrect outlooks to set the right path for your campaign.   


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